Financial Due Diligence

Say Goodbye to Financial Surprises!

Financial Due Diligence

With the ebook you will learn

Deep Expertise

Over 20 years of Tech experience helping startups scale.

Fundraising Rounds

Be prepared for your next fundraising round that is optimally timed.

Cash Runway

Track burn rates and eliminate surprises.


Have confidence in your short and long-term projections.

Key Metrics

Track the right metrics specific to your business.

Capital Efficiencies

Allocate capital efficiently to get maximum returns.

Testimonials from those who read

Financial Due Diligence
HAZ has literally saved my business. The team helped us preserve our cash. We had a big problem with increasing costs, and they helped us cut back and still continue to grow.
Financial Due Diligence
Maxine Johnson
Zaald Inc.
Financial Due Diligence
Working with a finance team fully vested in our needs and success is refreshing. We are here for the long haul. I would recommend them to anyone wanting excellent financial outcomes.
Financial Due Diligence
Justin Cooperland
Financial Due Diligence
HAZ's dedication, passion, knowledge, and interest in achieving the best for its clients sets them apart. They gave much more value than expected and saved us significantly.
Financial Due Diligence
Larry Osfield

Don't have any financial surprises

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Financial Due Diligence
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