Fundraising is a vital funding milestone, with the money raised dedicated to building your staff, scaling your product, and entering new markets. We help guide you through it all!

Product/Market Fit

In the first three years, most startups spend the majority of their time and resources finding product/market fit, and this time span is vital to the company’s success. Allocating constrained capital to the right buckets to optimize burn rate is of utmost importance

Operating Model

Your operating plan should tell a story of how your are going to grow your business. We help you know every number and be in a position to defend it. Our projection rationale is always consistent - not copying and pasting formulas

Due Diligence

For investors, due diligence prior to an investment is a must. Putting together these documents can take weeks or even months. We put together past financial performance, projected performance, and all required documents to support assumptions.

Pre and Post cash burn rates

We guide our clients into understanding their current cash burn rate and spending. This then informs the right amount to raise to operate the business, as well as post raise burn rates

Why Us?

01. Make smarter, more informed decisions

We have an extensive team of Tech experts. Our team is well versed in multiple revenue models and all the resources and challenges that come with fundraising.

02. Identify and act on opportunities

Having a partner on your team who understands your goals and challenges and how to advantage of opportunities goes a long way to building a successful company.

03. Accelerate growth and scale

We have compiled a collection of Tech startup metrics and benchmarks we use to help our clients address areas of improvement and prepare for growth.

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